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                   Soloist, Rosanne Philippens 23 years old

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Carine Bijlsma's documentary Soloist takes a close look at the life of Rosanne Philippens, a young solo violinist with the Dutch National Youth Orchestra. The film follows her closely, monitoring her burgeoning talent as she undertakes a demanding tour comprising 10 concerts in The Netherlands. From a hesitant beginning, Philippens progresses to a triumphant finale at the Concertgebow in Amsterdam where her talent achieves the recognition and acclamation she deserves. Alongside this portrayal of her professional development, Bijlsma chronicles Rosanne's developing relationship with Emiliano, a young Italian flautist and member of the Orchestra. As she grows in stature, so the love between them appears to ebb away and what was initially an idyll, a moving depiction of genuine affection between two young people, falters and, apparently, dies. Rosanne struggles to understand what is happening to Emiliano and speaks several times to camera trying to explain to herself where the problem lies.
So sensitive is Bijlsma's evocation of the two strands to Rosanne's life that there are moments when we seem to have strayed into fiction and one wonders how such intimacy could possibly have been captured on film. Every aspect of Soloist is the product of the same high professional standards: the music itself of course (in particular Saint-Saens' compelling Violin Concerto No.3), the crisp, clean image, the presentation of the various concert halls (above all, the Concertgebow in Amsterdam), the details of rehearsal, Rosanne's relationship with the conductor, those tension-ridden moments behind the scenes before a concert begins. And at the centre of it all is Rosanne herself. The hesitant, shy but sensual young woman blossoms into a confident and beautiful woman before the camera's discreet but unambiguously desiring gaze. Rosanne is in virtually every shot, innocent of her beauty and talent in a way that is poignant almost beyond words.
Soloist goes far beyond the simple portrait of a fledgling musician. In it's sensitivity and intimacy, it is unique. At an early point in the film, Rosanne worries that she has only one dress for all 10 concerts. One suspects that she will soon have a wardrobe full.
Successful futures surely lie ahead for both director and soloist.


Portret van aanstormend viooltalent Rosanne Philippens.
Kort na haar glansrijk afstuderen aan het conservatorium soleert ze in de tournee van het Nederlands Studenten Orkest. Ze spelen het Saint Saëns vioolconcert op tien opeenvolgende avonden in tien plaatsen, met de slotavond in de grote zaal van het Amsterdamse Concertgebouw. De film werd gemaakt in het kader van het Wildcard-programma van het Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, waarbij aankomend documentairemakers een vrijbrief krijgen voor een nieuw project.
Carine Bijlsma won de Wildcard in 2008 voor haar afstudeerfilm Het geheim van Boccherini, waarin Philippens ook al te zien was. Dat de twee elkaar kennen, is in dit nieuwe portret duidelijk te merken aan de intieme toegang die Bijlsma krijgt. We worden deelgenoot van Philippens' zelfverzekerdheid op het podium, en haar twijfels daarbuiten: over haar spel, haar viool, haar rol in het orkest en haar relatie met de Italiaanse Emiliano, die in het orkest de dwarsfluit speelt.

Rosanne Philippens, giovane violinista della Nederlands Studenten Orkest, è alle prese con il suo primo tour da solista in dieci tappe tra Francia, Belgio e Germania. Nella sua orchestra suona anche il fidanzato italiano flautista. Carine Bijlsma segue la protagonista nella dimensione professionale e personale, descrivendo le difficoltà a trovare l’equilibrio nel gruppo e nella coppia.