Devil’s Pie - D’Angelo
Het Geheim van Boccherini
Extase - Reinbert de Leeuw
Like it here? Elsie de Brauw in de wereld van Alain Platel
Soliste - Rosanne Philippens 23 jaar
Never a dull moment - Louis Andriessen
Pablo Heras-Casado - A Conductors Life
Toonladders en Tweedeklassers // Middle School Melodiesphotography
Tour lifeShort films
Brooklyn Rider
Jan Taminiau - Fashion designer
Bart Hess - Designer
Daan Roosegaarde - Tech Poetry
Anner Bijlsma 80
Mikey Please - Animator
An Afternoon lesson with Anner Bylsma
Reinbert de Leeuw 75 jaar
Mayke Nas - Composer
Daniel Kleinman - Titles


Bart Hess - Designer


At his young age Bart Hess has already become an internationally renowned talent exploring several artistic disciplines, combining material studies, animation and photography. His personal signature and international stature have led him to work with great artists such as Lucy McRae, Nick Knight and Lady Gaga.

With his designs he is able to use new and existing materials in a very innovative way, always searching for the tension between attraction and repulsion. Through his work he obtained an independent position in the fashion world.




Director: Carine Bijlsma

Camera: Gijs Besseling

Commissioned by Submarine Channel for the Dutch DFA series